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Bilateral Integration for Handwriting & Keyboarding

Tracing Lazy Eights

Bilateral integration is the ability to use information from both sides of the body to coordinate efficient movement. By efficient we mean it doesn't require more effort than is necessary and is effective. Bilateral coordination involves the ability to use both hands for simultaneous and alternating movement.

By working on bilateral coordination we will:

    1. Promote crossing the midline to create smooth writing.
    2. Be able to stabilize the paper when writing.
    3. Coordinate keyboarding with 2 hands vs finger peck.

One activity we practice in our Handwriting, Keyboarding & Beyond course is tracing Lazy Eights. We start in the middle and then move to the left, then down and around, crossing the middle to go to the right, then down and around to go back to the middle. Repeating this activity in a smooth and steady motion requires good trunk control, works on left to right eye tracking and requires crossing the midline of the body. Crossing the midline is important for promoting coordination and communication of the right and left hemispheres of our brain, which leads to a better flow of information.

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