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The Developing Child | October 2021

The Developing Child | October 2021


So, in our previous issue (September 2021), we’ve learned that social play is a pivotal behavior necessary for developing our children’s cognition. And we all want to help develop our children’s ability to think, reason, solve problems, and learn new information. So how do we play with our kids?

Using these strategies, work to get an interaction started with your child. The more you can interact with your child in true and meaningful ways, the more connected and closer you will become. Now that you can “open the door” on interaction with your child, you might be asking yourself, “how do I keep it going?” Well, you’ll have to tune in next month for a little strategy, we call “keep it
cookin” for hints on keeping your new play routines going longer.

Mahoney, Gerald, and James David MacDonald. Autism and Developmental Delays in Young Children. Pro Ed, 2007.

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