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Yoga for the Special Child Basic Part 1 (April 10, 2015)

The Yoga for the Special Child® Basic Part 1 Course will be held at Solaris Pediatric Therapy in Houston, TX from November 1-7, 2015. Kathy Randolph is leading the course and Solaris’s Yulene Broussard is the program coordinator.  This comprehensive training course delves into the theory and practice of Yoga therapy for babies and children with learning and/or developmental disabilities from 0 to 12 years. This course is open to Yoga therapists, instructors and students, health care practitioners, and families of special children. The comprehensive workbook, Yoga for the Special Child®, is provided to participants. It is important to understand the medical contraindications to certain asanas, so please do not try to copy the work of Yoga for the Special Child® without proper instruction. If you are interested in attending this course please fill out the form below and we will send you the registration packet.

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