Solaris Handwriting & Yoga Camp: June 20th to June 24th & June 27th to
July 1st, 2022**

Our Handwriting and Yoga Camp is a fun, active and unique camp for kids
between the ages of 5-10. The camp works on the foundational skills
necessary for efficient handwriting and optimal learning. Each day campers
will go through specially targeted sensory-motor, gross motor and fine
motor activities that support handwriting. The yoga practice will help
children to become more aware of their bodies, improve strength and
flexibility and learn relaxation and breathing techniques. The handwriting
portion will work on correct formation, size and spacing of letters,
correct posture and pencil grip, and an emphasis on efficient handwriting
to prevent fatigue. Parents are provided with daily newsletters that
explain the purpose of each day's activities and what to practice at home.

Each camp week is limited to 8 participants max.
A minimum of four participants is required for the camp to proceed.

Daily schedule:
* 8:45 Drop off
* 9:00 Yoga
* 10:00 Sensory Motor Activities
* 10:45 Snack (bring from home)
* 11:00 Fine Motor & Visual Motor
* 11:30 Handwriting Activities
* 12:00 Parent Debrief and Pick Up

Your child must be able to do the following:
* Sit at a table and attend to a task
* Can write and identify all letters of the alphabet
* Be able to participate in age appropriate classes
* Follow activities without direct one on one supervision

$475 per week
$75 sibling discount / additional week
$100 non-refundable deposit for each camp week and child is required to
secure a place.
The balance is due on May 1st.

Campers will need to bring their own snack (nut free), water bottle, yoga
mat, blanket and socks for relaxation. The yoga mat, socks and blanket can
be kept here during the camp duration.
We will request a photo/scan of your child's handwriting so that we can
determine their level.

*June 27th to July 1st camp dependent on interest

Please call 832-727-3771 or email for
any questions. Call today to reserve a place forl your child or fill out
this google link to register your interest for your child.

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