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Solaris Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy located in Montrose, Houston, TX

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is very common, affecting millions of children in the United States. Having a child with ADHD is challenging for both the child and the family. At Solaris Pediatric Therapy, Courtney Sanderson, CCC-SPL, and the experienced team of therapists offer innovative therapies to address many of the common symptoms of ADHD, including inattention, hyperactivity, and hyperfocus. To learn more about the therapeutic approaches to ADHD, call the office in Houston, Texas, or request an appointment using the online booking feature.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a chronic condition that often causes difficulty paying attention or controlling impulsive behaviors. Though previously thought to be a condition that only affected children, it’s now known that ADHD continues into adulthood.

Researchers are currently investigating what causes the development of ADHD but theorize it may be a combination of factors that include genetics and environmental triggers, such as illness or exposure to drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoke, or environmental toxins. 

For children, ADHD may affect self-esteem, the development of friendships, and school performance. Treatment for ADHD may include a combination of medication and behavioral therapy.

What are ADHD symptoms?

Children with ADHD often exhibit symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity. However, the severity of symptoms varies from mild to severe, and certain symptoms may be more dominant than others. 

ADHD is grouped into types based on the most dominant symptom and includes:

  • Predominantly inattentive
  • Predominantly hyperactive/impulsive
  • Combined

In children, ADHD symptoms usually develop by age 12 and may appear as early as age 3. Getting a diagnosis and starting treatment early may help you and your child develop strategies that prevent many of the difficulties children with ADHD face. 

What therapies can help with ADHD?

The experienced team at Solaris Pediatric Therapy offers a targeted program that addresses ADHD symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and hyperfocus. This can include some of these programs that we offer:

iLs (integrated listening system)

iLS is a multisensory program in which your child wears headphones that send gentle bone conduction frequencies through the body while they listen to music and engage in physical movement. The therapeutic technique activates neural pathways used in the processing of sensory information. 


Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of balance, auditory, and vision exercises of varying degrees of complexity that center around rhythm. The exercises help your child coordinate their body and focus.

Reflex integration

Reflex integration is a therapeutic technique aimed at neurological conditions that cause inconsistent reflexes. 

The ADHD treatment at Solaris Pediatric Therapy activates your child’s cerebellum, increases dopamine, and helps direct the flow of information in the areas of the brain responsible for attention, emotional regulation, and arousal levels.

Our treatment approach to ADHD will be individualized to your child's needs, and dependant on the evaulations results. 

To learn more about the therapeutic options for ADHD at Solaris Pediatric Therapy, call the office or request an appointment online today.